2. Income & Salary

Steve didn’t come from money. When Apple was first getting off the ground in the early 1980’s Wozniak and Jobs both sold whatever mildly valuable possessions they had to contribute to growing the business. Wozniak scrounged up a Texas Instruments Calculator and Jobs sold his van, giving them $1,300 in seed money that would blossom into the billion dollar computing empire. In February 1981, Wozniak took a temporary hiatus from Apple Computers after surviving a plane crash in Scotts Valley, California. Steve recanted that it was a life changing event and he decided to take the time to work on some personal milestones. He went back to complete his Engineering Degree at the University of California Berkeley and also married former wife Candice Clark that very same year. Wozniak returned to Apple requesting simply engineering responsibilities a couple years later in 1983.

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