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Okay so as you guys may have heard Stephen Curry is pretty mad right now at under armour (Kevin Platt) and Donald Trump he’s even questioning his partnership with under Armour which is millions and millions of dollars I just because of their support for Donald Trump so politics put aside you guys feel free to discuss that in the comments I wanted to do a quick net worth and just bio on staff curry just to kind of figure out a few fun facts about him and also look at just how much money he makes every year and how much he’s worth so it looks like back when he was a rookie his base salary in the NBA was somewhere around 2.7 million went up to 2.9 my back down to five up to 39 were in 2012 2013 by now and then all the way up to last year in 2016 his salary alone was $12.11 million in his most recent year salary as part of a four-year deal that Steph Curry signed with the Warriors back in 2013 for $44 million so looks like back in 2013 Nike tried to get Steph Curry on their team with offering him a deal which is basically worth 2.5 million per year roughly and then under Armour came in and outbid Nike with the deal that’s worth about $4 million per year and it runs through 2024 so either Steph Curry is not happy with under Armour for other reasons or you know he’s a straight up risking roughly $4 million per year it’s guaranteed for quite a long time in the future such pretty crazy to see so no one really knows how much staff curry is really worth if you look online I mean there’s estimates all over the place and most of them look really outdated so like I see one that’s 35 million one that’s 40 million but if you just do some basic math about how much money the guys made this even reported and then take out a huge chunk of it for spending and like buying Lamborghinis in huge houses or whatever just assuming that he might do that doesn’t even mean that he has then you still come up with a pretty heavy figure that’s higher than most of the stuff is reported online so were to put it at an estimate of $75 million and we think it may be even could be higher than that so tell us what you think below in the comments and make sure to give this video thumbs up if you liked it and make sure to subscribe your channel if you like this video and want to see more just like it

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