2. Income & Salary

Bissell has championed his numerous philanthropic initiatives for more than forty years. He founded Bissell Companies Inc. in 1964, later developing the community called Ballantyne in 1996. He and his company have established areas of over 12 million square feet throughout the Carolinas. In 2011, Bissell took a $100 million gamble by constructing two 10-story office buildings in Ballantyne Corporate Park. His decision ended up being a lucrative investment. Once the building was completed, MetLife Inc. agreed to lease about 340,000 square feet of the new offices. Also, the company won a major rezoning for Ballantyne in the same year, meaning 6.5 million more square feet could be used for office space. Even though more office buildings are coming in 2014, Bissell is dropping $11 million in funding for road improvements and extensions to accommodate the community‰Ûªs growing density. In addition, the rezoning granted the development of an extra 200 hotel rooms and 600 residential units.

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