Estimated Net worth: $1.1 Million

Sandy Yawn, also known as “Captain Sandy”, is best known for her role on Bravo TV’s hit series Below Deck Mediterranean. She is currently 55 years old and was born February 23, 1965, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sandy allegedly suffered from a heart attack just 2 years ago but is currently in good health.

In season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean, Sandy is the Captain of the super yacht, providing guests with a 5-star charter experience, keeping her crew in line, as well as her emotions. Sandy has 30 years of international maritime experience, and has become one of the most respected Captains in the industry in an otherwise male-dominated field. She is also outspokenly gay, and is currently dating girlfriend Leah Shafer, who recently recovered from breast cancer.

Sandy Yawn’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.1 million, which is not surprising for someone who has worked in the yachting industry for years. The average super yacht Captain makes around $100,000- $200,000 per year, and Sandy is one of the best, putting her at the top of that range.