3. Estimated Net Worth

Of course Gosling fans known he beat out 17,000 hopefuls in an open audition for The Mickey Mouse Club along side other Mickey Mousers as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. åÊFor a time Gosling even lived with Timberlake’s family. åÊAfter his stint at Disney, Gosling moved to LA when he was 16. åÊAfter starring in such films asåÊYoung Hercules, heåÊtook on darker more serious adult roles such as his critically acclaimed role the 2001 filmåÊThe Believer. åÊThe actor received his first academy nod foråÊHalf Nelson and is now widely considered to be one of the greatest actors of his generation. åÊAn accomplished method actor, Gosling built the kitchen table featured inåÊThe Notebook where the lead character’s share a romantic dinner in the yet to be remodeled house that plays a central role in the film. åÊGosling also took apart and completely rebuilt the 1973 Malibu he used as a driver inåÊDrive -åÊthat is all but the transmission only because schedule restraints demanded the car be finished for shooting. åÊTo get into character for his mentally ill character Lars inåÊLars and The Real Girl Gosling lived alone in an unheated garage. åÊ Capable of delivering mesmerizing performances,, and proving he is incapable of being typed – when he needs to be the uber confident front man such as his characters inåÊFracture andåÊCrazy, Stupid, Love he can. åÊHowever, when he needs to be tortured or insecure such as his character inåÊBlue Valentine – a masterful portrayal – he can do that equally as well.WhenåÊasked about his accomplishment, dedication, and performances the actor is self-deprecating, humble, and even says he is at times loathe to watch himself on screen out of disappointment. åÊHe seems to have a similar lifestyle, as mentioned above, spending sometime living in a tent where agents had a difficult time tracking him down to review script possibilities. åÊHe does own, along with friends, the restaurant Tagine in Beverly Hills. åÊNot merely one to throw money at an investment and move on, Gosling was intimately involved in the details including finer points of the menu itself. åÊHe does however have a pension and is often seen about LA on motorcycles. åÊInåÊBeneath The Pines he originally signed on to do the film only because he had a vision of playing a character that robs banks via dirt bike.He bought his first motorcycle when he was 12 years old after being drawn to the vehicle, oddly enough, when he witnessed a near-fatal motorcycle accident – foreshadowing to the darker side seen in many of the roles he selects. åÊ Gosling was approached by and turned down a part in the boy band Backstreet Boys. åÊLikewise, there is no doubt that the actor is probably approached by studios and huge budget films due to his star power, but prefers to remain authentic taking on lower budget roles that inspire him. åÊOther more refined touches of his taste and wealth can be seen in such un-ostentations touches such as the Barton Perreira eyewear glasses he is sometimes seen wearing. åÊIn other tasteful acts, the actor has donated much of his wealth to charity including PETA, Invisible Children, Sick Kids Foundation, and the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. åÊHe did purchase the Jeep Cherokee driven inåÊMurder By Numbers.åÊ He is also associated with classic and simple Day Date Rolex watch. åÊVery tasteful for one of the greatest actors of our generation.

How much is Ryan Gosling’s Net Worth? $30 Million!