1. Biography

Robin McLaurin Williams was born on July 21, 1951 in Chicago, IL. åÊWhen the actor was 16 he moved to San Francisco, ironically near where he lives today. åÊHe studied drama and acting with the famed acting instructor John Houseman however, Houseman told Williams he was wasting his talent and should do stand-up comedy instead. åÊWhile at Juliard Williams met and studied with Christopher Reeve and the two remained super close friends up until Reeves passing. åÊAfter Reeves equestrian accident that caused his paralysis, Williams showed up at the hospital in full scrubs and a face mask and began speaking with a Russian accent. åÊReeves said it was the first laugh he had since the accident. åÊWilliams enjoys cycling and has sometimes been seen playing paintball in public paintball areas. åÊIn College at Claremont Men’s College, Williams played soccer. åÊOverweight as a child the actor took to entertaining himself. åÊIn high school he was voted most humorous and least likely to succeed – an honor in itself that seems extremely unnecessary and cruel, but in the end, thankfully, proved to be absolutely false.

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