Raymond Huger Net Worth & Biography

Raymond A. Huger was born in 1946 on October 17th. He is an American by birth and grew up as an African-American during tumultuous times. He enrolled at Bernard Baruch College where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree upon graduation. After attending Bernard Baruch College, Raymond Huger earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Fordham University. Not only is he an accomplished businessman, but he was also successful in academia as well.

Raymond married his longtime girlfriend, Karen Huger, after meeting her during their 30s. Now, the Hugers have been married in excess of twenty years. They still are very much in love and are an inspiration for couples everywhere. They currently have two children, Brandon Huger, and Rayvin Huger. While Brandon Huger is not Raymond’s biological son, they still maintain an incredible relationship with each other.

With all his success, you’d think he’d be involved in some sort of controversy. With Raymond Huger, this is not the case whatsoever.

Career Accomplishments
Raymond began his successful career at IBM as a field engineer. He progressed through the company ranks and ending up holding a number of corporate executive positions. Raymond was also a regional manager for IBM. In this position, he was responsible for generating revenue in excess of $500 million. After succeeding at IBM, Raymond decided it was time to go in his own direction and form his own company.

Paradigm Solutions was founded in 1991. Raymond served as their CEO and Chairman until leaving the company in 2007 to found another company, Paradigm Solutions International Incorporation. Paradigm Solutions is now one of the world leaders when it comes to management software and business consultancy services. He has served as the company’s CEO for over a decade.

Raymond was recognized as the Top Entrepreneur by US Black Engineer & Information Technology. Additionally, the University of District of Columbia granted him an honorary degree due to his efforts in innovating informational technology practices.

Net Worth/Recent Earnings
His current net worth is estimated to be at around $45 million. His focus is on his personal business as well as family and it really shows. Paradigm Solutions has been able to generate solid amounts of revenue in the past couple of years. The future is bright for Paradigm and Raymond Huger.