Post Malone Net Worth & Biography

Estimated Net Worth: $23 Million

What is Post Malone’s Net Worth in 2019?

Post Malone’s 2020 estimated net worth is $23 million compared to $22 million in 2019. We forecast that Post will have an estimated net worth of $30 million in 2021.

How much is Post Malone’s Salary, Earnings, and Income for 2018?

Post Malone’s estimated 2018 and 2019 income, earnings, and salary come to a total of $4 million, down from $6 million in 2017.

How Much is Post Malone Worth?

We estimate that Post Malone is currently worth a total of $22 million.

2020 Forecasted Net Worth: $23 million
2019 Estimated Net Worth: $22 million
2018 Estimated Net Worth: $18 million
2017 Estimated Net Worth: $12 million
2019 Estimated Salary and Earnings: $1 million
2018 Estimated Salary and Earnings: $4 million
2017 Estimated Salary and Earnings: $6 million

Additional Data Sources

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Source Net Worth
Wealthy Gorilla $14 Million
Net Worth Leaks $27 Million
Capital Extra $1 Million
Money Inc $8 Million
Cheat Sheet $14 Million
Awaken the Greatness Within $8 Million
Celebrity New Worth $14 Million


Questions & Answers

How old is Post Malone?

Post Malone was born Austin Richard Post, on July 4, 1995 making him 23 years old. Post was born in Syracuse, New York and grew up in Grapevine, Texas.

What nationality is Post Malone?

Post is a White American. He also has ancestry linking him to being partial Native American as well as his maternal grandfather being born to Italian parents giving him Italian heritage.

How did Post Malone get his start as a rapper?

Post has always had a love for music, his father was a disc jockey growing up and introduced him to all types from country to rock. He began with a love for EMO music, which then transitioned into soft rock and hip hop. He produced his first mixtape when he was only 16, called Young and After Them Riches. Shortly after dropping out of County College Post moved to LA, which lead to the recording of “White Iverson”.

How did Post Malone get his name?

When he was 14 or 15 he came up the name, Post Malone. Using Post from his last name and even though it was rumored that the name Malone came from the NBA player Karl Malone, he admitted to using a “rap name generator” to come up with Malone.

Was Post Malone in a plane crash?

In August of 2018, Post Malone was on a plane that had to do an emergency landing at Stewart International Airport in New Windsor, NY after two tires blew during takeoff. It is uncertain what caused the tires to blow, but after burning fuel the pilot was able to make a successful emergency landing.

How many records has Post Malone sold as of today?

Post Malone’s second album came out in in April of 2018 and was creating impressive numbers after just a few days. Beerbongs and Bentleys broke the record for the most streams with almost 48 million streams in the U.S. alone and 79 million worldwide on the first day that it was available. This album is still ranked as one of the most popular, with the eight week #1 hit “Rockstar” having more than 970 million streams.

Who is Post Malone dating? What’s his girlfriend’s name?

Post Malone and his girlfriend of three years, Ashlen Diaz have recently broken up. The two started dating back in 2015 and mutually decided to call it off while Post is busy recording a new album in Utah.

where is post malone from

Post Malone was born in Syracuse, New York. When he was 9 he moved to Grapevine, Texas when his father received a new job with the Dallas Cowboys.

who is post malone

Post Malone who was born Austin Richard Post is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. In the mid 2010’s he released his first single “White Iverson” and rose to fame quickly thereafter.

how tall is post malone

Post once said on Twitter that he is 6’2″ or 188cm tall.

is post malone gay

As far as we know, No, Post Malone is not gay. He recently ended a 3 year on again and off again relationship with Ashlen Diaz.

what race is post malone

Post is a White American. His heritage also links him to being partial Native American as well as his maternal grandfather being born to Italian parents giving him Italian ancestry.

where was post malone born

Post Malone was born on July 4, 1995 in Syracuse, NY, to his parents Rich Post and Nicole Lake. He was born Austin Richard Post.

what genre is post malone

Post is predominantly a rapper, and works with other rappers on his songs. He also loves to play around with different types of music such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap, and Pop.

does post malone smell

Malone recently addressed the rumors that he doesn’t shower and that he smells. He said while he doesn’t have a squeaky clean and a preppy look, he can ensure you that he does not smell.

does post malone have a daughter

This seems to be false. There is no evidence that supports or denies these claims at this time.

is post malone single

Currently Post is single. He has recently broken up with on and off again girlfriend Ashlen Diaz after three years due to spending most of his time in Utah working on his next album.

how much is post malone worth

Post Malone is currently worth $14 Million in 2018. This number is very impressive with having his first single “White Iverson” being released just 3 years ago.

what is post malone’s real name

Post was born Austin Richard Post on July 4, 1995. The name “Post Malone” came from his last name and a rap name generator to come up with Malone.

did post malone die

Post Malone was one of 16 passengers on a plane that had to do an emergency landing. While he was on the plane many people were wishing death on him, luckily the plane made a successful landing and no one was injured.

where does post malone live

Post currently lives in Los Angeles. He also has a 13,000 square foot, multi million dollar home in Northern Utah.

when does post malones album come out

There is no set date of when his next album is set to release but he has let fans know that he writing it and has been in the studio working on it.

who is post malone signed to

Post Malone is signed to Republic Records, out of New York City. Republic Records was started in 1995 and is also the record label to many other big name artists.

who is post malone dating

Post is not currently dating. He recently ended a long term relationship with Ashlen Diaz after three years.

how much does post malone weigh

Post Malone weighs approximately 185 lbs or 84kg.

is post malone a rapper

Post is predominantly a rapper, and works with other rappers on his songs. He also loves to play around with different types of music such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Trap, and Pop.

where did post malone go to high school

Post went to Grapevine High School in Grapevine, Texas. As a senior he was voted “Most Likely to Become Famous” by his fellow classmates.

when is post malone’s birthday

Post Malone was born on July 4,1995 making him 23 years old. Post was born in Syracuse, NY.

how much are post malone tickets

Tickets to Post Malone’s concerts can range from $100 up. The price is dependent on seat location and venue.

what was post malone’s first song

Post Malone’s first song was White Iverson. It was released on August 24, 2015 by Republic Records and it was the top single off his first album “Stoney”

when did rockstar by post malone come out

Rockstar was Post Malone’s first single off of his Beer Bong and Bentleys album. It was released September 15, 2017.

what episode of ghost adventures is post malone on

Post Malone was on the January 13, 2018 episode of Ghost Adventures. On this episode they head to Arizona to The Slaughter House and Post Malone joins.

who is post malone touring with

Post Malone is touring in 2018 with 21 Savage and SOB X RBE. Tickets went on sale February 23 and went to 23 cities.

what is better now about post malone

Better Now by Post Malone is assumed to be about a past romantic relationship with a girl. Post has not confirmed it is about one of his past relationships but his fans like to think so.

is post malone sponsored by bud light

Post Malone has partnered with Bud Light as one of their key influencers. Bud Light made this announcement earlier this year hoping to find the best friendship.

when is post malone dropping beerbongs and bentleys

Beer Bong and Bentleys, Post Malone’s second album was released on April 27, 2018. It has features from many other rap artists such as Swae Lee, Ty Dolla Sign, Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy and many others.

is post malone still dating ashley

No, Post Malone and his girlfriend Ashlen Diaz broke up after being together for three years.

how much to book post malone

To have Post Malone at your personal party or event will cost you roughly $150-$200 Thousand.

what is the song congratulations by post malone about

Post was in the studio with some friends when someone came in and said “Congratulations”. Post said that would be a good name for a song and they got to working on it and it became a hit, he could no longer be a one hit wonder after this song came out.

how long is post malone’s new album

Beer Bong and Bentleys has 18 tracks, with a total length of 46 minutes and 24 seconds. The lead single was “Rockstar”, and it also included “Candy Paint”, and “Psycho”.

does post malone do drugs

Post doesn’t currently smoke weed, after having a bad experience with a “Wet Jimmy”. He has also admitted to taking pills but has stopped those as well since his friend Lil Peep overdosed.

where did post malone go to school

Post Malone attended Grapevine High School in Grapevine, Texas. He also attended Tarrant County Community College for a short time before he dropped out and moved to LA.

how are post malone concerts

If you are planning on going to a Post Malone concert, chances are you are going to be glad you went. Post only has two albums out at this point which allows him time to play all of hits and even some you haven’t heard as much. He also has big names that are on tour with him making it fun from start to finish.

did post malone play basketball

Post Malone has not played basketball professionally. He does like to shoot around recreationally.

what rap generator did post malone use

It is common knowledge that Post Malone used a rap name generator to come up with his rap name. He is not sure which one he used, he said it was just a random one that he found on the internet, he put his real name in and it just stuck.

what is post malone’s new song

Post previewed a new song on Jimmy Fallon called “SunFlower”. It will be on the soundtrack for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which will be out Mid December.

what time is the post malone concert over

Concerts usually last from 2 to 3 hours. A Post Malone concert would most likely last the same amount of time.

has post malone been to jail

No, As far as anyone knows Post Malone has never been arrested or been to jail.

does post malone have a sister

Post Malone does not have a sister. He has a younger half brother and a step brother.

does post malone have a wife

No, Post Malone is currently single. He has recently ended a 3 year relationship with Ashlen Diaz.

how many songs does post malone have

Post Malone has released 2 albums, 11 singles, 6 music videos and 1 mixtape. With both albums combined he has released a total of 38 songs.

how to contact post malone

To contact Post Malone you would need to go through his agent or a booking service. If that is not your style you can always slide into his DM’s.

how many cars does post malone have

Post Malone has at least 4 cars. He has a Rolls Royce, Bronco, Mercedes and a 66′ Chevrolet

what awards has post malone won

Post Malone has won several awards. He has won the Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Song, MTV Video Music Award for Song of the Year, American Music Award for Favorite Album and American Music Award for Favorite Male Artist.

when will post malone go on tour

Post Malone is on tour now, check to see if he is coming to concert near you!

is post malone vegan

No as far as anyone knows, Post Malone is not Vegan. After his recent car accident he loaded up on Pizza and Wings!

how many platinums does post malone have

Post Malone has released two albums, both albums have gone platinum.

what is white iverson post malone about

Post Malone wrote this song and recorded it two days later. He got braids and commented that he looked like a “White Iverson” and got the idea for the song.

where is post malone utah house

A specific location for his Utah home is unknown. What is known is that is located in Northern Utah.

is post malone irish

Post Malone is not Irish. He is part native american and italian.

how many tattoos does post malone have

The exact number of Post Malone’s tattoos is unknown. Just by looking at him you can see 20 or more, his famous “Always Tired” on his face, his first one which was a playboy bunny, deceased artists on his hands, Lil Peep on his shoulder and a guy riding a horse just to name a few.

how many albums does post malone have

Post Malone has released two albums. His first album was released in 2016 – Stoney and then followed by Beer Bong and Bentleys in 2018.

what kind of cigarettes does post malone smoke

It is not certain, but Post Malone is assumed to smoke Marlboro after agreeing to represent them.

how much did post malone make in 2017

Post Malone reportedly made around $8 Million in 2017. His net worth is estimated to be $14 Million.

Biographical Information:

Post Malone is best known as a celebrity who was born in Syracuse on Tuesday` July 4` 1995. Post is currently 22 years old. Malone’s birth sign is Cancer.

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Name: Post Malone
Known As:  
Birth Date: Tuesday` July 4` 1995
Birthplace: Syracuse
Death Date and Age:  
Current Age: 22 years old
Birthsign: Cancer
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