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Porsha Stewart was born into the world on June 22, 1981. She hails from Atlanta, Georgia, and was married to NFL football player, Kordell Stewart. He recently filed for divorce and it is rumored that they were separated for some time prior to the filing. He claims in the paperwork that she does not need spousal support from him, and the assets would not be divided between them because of a prenuptial agreement between the two.

Porsha is a philanthropist and enjoys a successful singing career. She joined the set of Real Housewives of Atlanta in the last part of the fifth season of the show. She started a foundation of her own that helps in causes such as cancer. There is little other information about the type of work that she does outside of the Housewives show. The amount of money she makes on the show and other ventures is not available to the public.

It is reported that Porsha Stewart had a net worth of approximately $16 million prior to her divorce from her husband. Since they have been separated, her net worth has nosedived to approximately $500 thousand. She has not revealed if she will start any new ventures in order to bring her net worth back up. She has stated in some reports that she misses her husband and would like to reconcile with him. That would bring her net worth back up; however, there is no indication that the pair will renew their marriage. There were rumors that the divorce was a set up to give her a story on the show. There is no proof of such behavior though.

How much is Porsha Stewart’s Net Worth? $16 Million!