3. Estimated Net Worth

Knight has a net worth that varies due to fluctuations in Nike stock but latest estimates peg the worth of Nike at $18.4 billion. åÊOther investments could bring the total closer to $18.8 billion. åÊThe billionaire lives rather modestly for a billionaire. åÊHis home in rural Oregon is estimated to be worth about 2 million or so. åÊThe home was bought in the 70’s and does have a pool and a nice yard, but is actually quite modest for a billionaire especially compared to homes like Larry Ellison’s. åÊKnight can drive anything he wants, but chooses to drive an Audi R8, which do cost over $100k. åÊKnight instead enjoys spending his fortune charitably making donations to his alma maters The University of Oregon and Stanford Business School. åÊKnight has donated so much money to the University of Oregon that he has his own locker in the football locker room. åÊThe university has also named a library after his mother, the law school after his father, and the basketball arena, Matthew Knight Arena, after his late son who died while scuba diving. åÊAfter retiring as CEO, Knight took a page out of Steve Jobs playbook and purchased an animation studio – the motivation being different as it was the animation studio his other son Travis worked for. åÊMaybe or maybe not still bitter over the way he was treated when he requested a job at his father’s newspaper, Knight appointed Travis CEO of the animation company. åÊKnight and his wife together, through their foundation own 841,145 shares of Class B common stock in Nike.

How much is Phil Knight’s Net Worth? $18.8 Million Billion!