1. Biography

Mike Wolfe was born on November 11, 1964 in Joilet, Illinois, and is the oldest of 15 children. åÊ15! åÊHe began pulling bicycles out of his neighbor’s trash when he was just six years old. åÊHe once saw a pile of bicycles in the trash and was so excited that he did not even go to school that day digging the bicycles out. åÊWhen he brought them home and dumped them in the front yard his mother gave up her parking spot in the garage to allow Wolfe to start his first bike shop. åÊThat started a 4 decade long love affair with bikes. åÊHis next stop was as a bike messenger in Chicago, which proved too far away from then girlfriend so he sought a job at “Bike n Hike” in Davenport, which he got building bikes. åÊHe was building bikes all day long and one of the best salesman, but spent a most of his money on bicycles explained the TV personality in an interview with bicycling.com. åÊAfter seeing the owner’s secret collection of older bicycles, Wolfe was dead set on owning a tank bike. åÊStriking out in his hometown, he hit the road looking in old barns and such for the bike and eventually ended up buying a lot of old bikes he came across and selling them for a large profit. åÊWolfe explained he was making a lot of money for someone used to making $7 an hour. åÊThe rest is history.

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