Estimated Net worth: $1.8 million

Mike Majlak rose to fame when he appeared in celebrity Youtube star, Logan Paul’s, podcast by the name of Impaulsive. Mike was born in Milford, Connecticut on January 13, 1985. Mike chose to create his own Youtube channel by called “The Night Shift”, where he shared vlog-like content of his friends and had segments of his show where he featured various adult actresses and female Instagram stars such as Sommer Ray and Julia Rose. Mike’s career with Youtube quickly took off when he began featuring adult actress and entrepreneur Lana Rhoades in his videos. The two are now dating and Mike’s view count has skyrocketed as well as his subscribers which now sit at over 1.5 million. Ever since including Lana Rhoades in his videos, Mike has surpassed over 2 million views in every single one, and some have reached over 7 million views.

In the early years of his adult life, Mike struggled with a drug addiction and battled depression among other things. After becoming famous through his Youtube channel, Mike decided to write an autobiography which detailed his struggles with opioid addiction and other battles. The book titled, “The Fifth Vital”, he hoped would be an outlet to share his life and he believed he could help other people by writing about his experiences.

Mike Majlak’s estimated net worth is approximately $1.8 million, quite impressive for someone who was basically unknown and had hit rock-bottom just a few years ago. Mike has made most of his fortune from ad revenue and newly acquired sponsorships from brands like Blue Chew and Current on his Youtube channel. With over 1.5 million subscribers and over 100 million total views, Mike Majlak Vlogs Youtube Channel makes approximately $65,000 per month. He also makes a considerable amount of money selling his own custom merchandise from his “Buttery Toast” launch through his website With Mike’s book sales going through the roof and becoming a USA Today bestseller as well as an bestseller, he is likely to be making millions in royalties in the coming years.