Estimated Net Worth: $400,000

Malia White is best known for her role in Below Deck Mediterranean, and for her surprising return to the show in season 5. She was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on July 20, 1990. Malia has managed to climb the ranks to the leadership role of Bosun aboard the luxury yacht, working under Captain Sandy. Malia grew up with five older brothers, one of whom joined the military, and this may have contributed to her adventure seeking, active lifestyle she leads. Despite being just 29 years of age, Malia White has backpacked the world and is a certified dive master

Malia’s career in reality television began when she took the role on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 1, but really made her mark in Season 2 when she had one of the most memorable and heartbreaking love triangles the show had ever seen. She is known for being “blunt, outspoken, and quick to speak her mind”, and now back for another season; this time with a promotion.

We have estimated Malia White’s net worth to be approximately $400,000. She has primarily made her money from her role on Below Deck Mediterranean where she makes approximately $75,000 per season. On top of this, Malia also teaches scuba and water sports lessons and makes upward of $40,000 a year as the average salary for a certified dive master. Malia White will have a net worth in the millions in no time as she begins to take on a more significant role in season 5 of the Bravo TV series and other TV shows to come.