2. Income & Salary

WhenåÊåÊHeadey was 17 she took part in a one-off performance with six school friends that caught the attention of a casting agent. åÊApproximately 2 years later in 1992 she had her on-screen debut inåÊWaterland. åÊThough not a well-known actress up untilåÊGame of Thrones’åÊhuge success, Headey does have 67 actress credits to her name beginning withåÊWaterlandåÊin 1992. åÊOther notable appearances includeåÊRemains of the DayåÊwith Sir Anthony Hopkins,åÊBrothers Grimm in 2005 with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger, andåÊ300 where she played another queen, Queen Gorgo. åÊåÊHeadey has also been featured in television most notably as Sarah Connor inåÊTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. åÊThe actress’s most famous role to date however is definitely another television role as Queen Cersei Lannister onåÊGame of Thrones as previously mentioned.

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