Josh Kesselman Net Worth & Biography

    Current Estimated Net Worth: $11 Million

    Biographical Information:

    Josh Kesselman is the founder and owner of RAW vegan rolling papers. Josh was born in 1972 and grew up in Manhattan with a father who loved rolling and smoking his own cigarettes. He currently resides in Phoenix where is company is based. Starting with a $500 investment in a head shop called Knuckleheads back in 1994, Kesselman has built his company into a multinational vegan rolling paper empire. He was said to come up with the idea for a vegan rolling paper while on a salmon fishing trip in Canada. Inspired by a fresh catch, Josh eventually let the fish go, and vowed to produce only vegan papers moving forward.

    Kesselman’s company, RAW, is said to control at least 30 percent of the rolling paper market across six states, and he is said to be worth upwards of $11 million. Josh is not your typical CEO and is often seen in the public eye and has even formed personal friendships with Wiz Khalifa and other ambassadors of his products.

    His net worth has grown substantially over the last year going from $600 thousand in 2017 to his current estimated net worth of $11 million. With the rise of the marijuana industry, due to legalization in Canada and several states in USA, the use of rolling papers for cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes has also exploded, which would project Kesselman’s net worth to grow exponentially in the coming years.