John Gauger is the owner of Red Finch Solutions, an IT consulting firm and the VP of Analytics & CIO at Liberty University. he was recently named in the Mueller investigation by President Donald Trumps attorney Michael Cohen, as a consultant paid to help with miscellaneous tasks related to election voting polls.

Gauger currently holds position of CIO and VP of Analytics at Liberty University and also owns RedFinch Solutions which he started in 2005. He attended Liberty University and graduated with an undergraduate degree and then an MBA in 2009. He then went on to work at SAIC as a programmer, NTS as a project manager, Sweet Briar College as director of applications development, TRM Solution as CTO, and Verhoha as chief information officer all while founding and starting RedFinch.

John Gaugers net worth is not readily available of known, but we currently estimate that in 2019 he is worth around $2 Million and earns an estimated $650,000 per year in salary, income, and bonuses.