I went to my first live Jim Gaffigan Show last night and had an absolute blast. I was actually not feeling very well and Jim still was able to literally have me either gogling or in tears from
Laughing so hard pretty much the entire hour and a half while he was on stage.

The production was so simple, yet so great which had me wondering as a business guy, just how much Gaffigan was making from these shows. I’ve been a fan for a long time, but never really thought about the business side of what Jim does!

So the first thing I uncovered was that Jim’s wife, Jeannie, is also a comic writer and producer in addition to being a mother of 5 and just having a brain tumor the size of a pear removed from her brain stem. Whoa! Supposedly, Jeannie is a lot of the power behind Jim’s act.

Ok so then I started to look for Jim’s Earnings for these live shows. Really, there’s not much on the internet from reliable sources on this. The only thing you can turn up is that Gaffigan made the Top Earning Comedians/Comics list of 2016 according to Forbes. He was the 7th highest paid comedian in 2016 earning an estimated $12.5 million mostly due to his worldwide tour! So obviously they don’t know how much Jim will make on his 2017 Tour, which is the one I saw here in Charlotte. We estimate he will make more than the 2016 tour based on general supply and demand, popularity, etc. so let’s call it $15 million as a modest increase. Almost no one talks about it online as most sources for this type of info are complete garbage, but Jim also has several endorsement deals. He can been seen in Chrysler commercials and also as colonel in KFC commercials. We’re sure both of those deals are worth millions in their own right, especially the minivan endorsement as Jim has a deep connection with parents of large families, including myself.

So taking these factors into account, we estimate Jim earned a cool $20 million In 2017 and has the potential of $25 million in salary and earnings for 2018.

So next I wanted to try to figure out what Jim’s estimated net worth was in 2017. The data that popped up was pretty surprising. There’s pretty much no info from a reputable source on Gaffigan’s net worth. Almost all of the weird, hacked together sites state an estimated net worth of $6 million. Huh!? Did they not even do the most basic research. I think it’s a safe bet that one of the sites stated his net worth as $6 million like 10 years ago and everyone has been copying that outdated number since.

If you even take the basic math from what is known or accurately estimated over the past few years regarding Jim’s earnings, you could safely put his estimated net worth at $25 million. Keep in mind thoug that it’s not like Gaffigan just launch his career! There was many years of touring, guest spots, additional endorsements, the Jim Gaffigan show, etc. Basic investment interest can be added not to mention any sort of outside investment and business income which could have been made as well.

SO, with all of that said, we have a new estimated net worth for the internet which seems to be much needed in this case! We estimate that Jim Gaffigan’s net worth in late-2017, going into 2018 is around $50 million.

Tell us what you think in the comments below! Too high or too low? Also, What’s your favorite Jim Gaffigan joke or line?