2. Income & Salary

Jackman did not have to wait around to get his first major role starring in the TV series Correlli. åÊHowever, Jackman’s early career was dominated by award winning musical performances. åÊJackman was in “Beauty and the Beast”, “Suset Boulevard” for which he won several best male actor awards, and “Oklahoma”. åÊThere are two stories about how Jackman got the part of Wolverine/Logan. åÊNo other actor has played a super-hero part role more times than Jackman with the previous record holder being Christopher Reeves for Superman. åÊOne story goes that he was a last minute addition to X-Men because Dougray Scott was originally cast but had to stay for åÊMission Impossible II movie shoot that wentåÊover it’s originally scheduled allotted time. åÊThe other story goes that good friend Russell Crowe turned down the part but personally recommended Jackman to director Bryan Singer. åÊIt is possible that Crowe was the replacement plan for Dougray Scott making both stories compatible. åÊIn any case, the superhero role catapulted Jackman’s career who went on to star in roles in critically acclaimed movies such as Les Miserables.

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