Estimated net worth: $650,000

Greg Doucette is best known for being a bodybuilder, powerlifter, and YouTube from Nova Scotia, Canada. He is currently 40-years-old and living in Ontario, Canada. Greg has been a bodybuilder since he was 17, where he won in his first ever contest, and also became very successful in powerlifting. He set the world record for heaviest sumo deadlift in one minute with a lift of 9,130 Kg (20,128 lbs) as well as the national record in bench press lifting 342 lbs at a weight of just 148 lbs himself. Greg has since moved on to coaching in person and online on fitness, nutrition, bodybuilding and powerlifting and has used Youtube as a platform to educate and express himself.

Greg Doucette’s Youtube channel, where he goes by the name “coach Greg”, has quickly in the last year after posting some very controversial and informational videos about other influences in the fitness industry being natural or “natty”. On his channel, Doucette gives his opinion and knowledge on diet and lifting as well as critiquing other fitness Youtuber’s on their content and physique. In 2012, Greg was arrested for smuggling illegal steroids shortly after winning the heavyweight division at the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championship. Officials found $250,000 worth of PED’s as well as $23,000 in cash and evidence intent to distribute and Doucette was fined $50,000.

We estimate Greg Doucette’s net worth to be approximately $650,000. Greg has made most of his fortune as an online fitness and bodybuilding coach where he charges upwards of $4,000 for coaching packages for diet, training and supplementation. On top of this, Greg Doucette also makes his income through his Youtube channel of more than 500,000 subscribers and through Ebooks and merchandise which he promotes through his channel. From all of his various income streams, Greg makes approximately $250,000 annually.