1. Biography

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, born February 27, 1977 is the world’s only remaining undefeated boxer in action and he is paid accordingly. In his most recent blockbuster brawl with up-and-coming Canelo Alvarez netted him a purse of $41.5 million, which was guaranteed win or lose. Last year, 2012, Mayweather made $32 million and only participated in one boxing match, giving him a lofty 364 days off, technically, and allowing him ample free-time at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, one of his frequent spots. Still, while those may be jaw dropping numbers, previous boxing greats saw their lifetime earnings of hundreds of millions of dollars disappear into debt and bankruptcy, aka Mike Tyson and his estimated lifetime earnings of $300-400 million, and so the question remains of Mayweather’s true net worth.

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