Estimated Net Worth: $76 Million

Estimated Salary: $1 Million

We estimate that Erika Jayne Girardi has a current net worth of $76 Million based on her estimated salary of $1 million per year in addition to her earnings as a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and shared wealth with husband, lawyer Tom Girardi.

Fun Facts About Erika:

1. Her Husband is 32 Years Older Than Her

Erika met her husband, Thomas Girardi, when she was waiting tables in Los Angeles. She was only 28 when they married. Thomas Girardi is a famous lawyer and one of the richest in California. His claim to law fame was when he worked on a malpractice case that went on to inspire the Julia Roberts film, Erin Brockovich. The lawyer and his firm won over $333 million for the people living in the town that were exposed to harmful chemicals coming from a nearby factory. The couple has been happily married for over 18 years. She has no children with him, but has a son from a previous marriage. 

2. She Loves Fishing

The reality star may pose in front of the cameras with high heels and high fashions, but she is really an outdoorsy tom boy at heart. In an interview with She Knows, Erika talked about her love of fishing. When she isn’t getting her nails done or creating some drama on the popular Real Houeswives of Beverly Hills, the star can be found getting dirty in the waters. There are multiple pictures on her instagram of her showing off her catches of the day. Erika has also admitted that she is a huge sports fan and loves to attend outdoor game events. 

3. She Flies in a $35 Million Private Jet

Erika isn’t shy about her riches. The star knows how to live large and flaunts it at every moment. Her Gulfstream IV jet was a gift from her husband. At a hefty price of $35 million, Erika says it was worth every penny. She has been flying in the jet for many years now and frequently takes it around the world to places like Japan and Greece. It is equipped with 12 seats, a buffet of gourmet foods, and a full bar. In an interview with Bravo, Erika gave a tour of the jet and called it “the ultimate way to fly.”