When it comes to buying or selling websites, Amazon storefronts, and other online assets, you would think there would be a million different companies and marketplaces to search, but there isn’t! This was a huge surprise to me the first time I started looking around to sell one of my websites.

At the end of my research, I came to one conclusion which was that flippa.com and empireflippers.com are obviously the leaders of the pack. Both websites/companies offer a marketplace where you can list your business, website, or Amazon store for sale directly and offer additional services depending on how much of the profit you want to share and how much your listing price will be.

One huge difference you’ll notice when comparing flippa to empire flippers is the price and entry level requirements on each website. I get the gist that empire flippers is focused way more on larger websites and Amazon accounts whereas flippa definitely has larger companies for sale, but it seems like there bread and butter is somewhat small every day websites.

Depending on what you’re looking for and how much money you have to spend, as a buyer you will probably see much higher quality results on empireflippers.com. If your budget is lower though and you only want to spend $100,000 or less you may also wanna consider flippa from a buying perspective.

From a selling perspective, my opinion is that empire flippers and flippa are very different from each other. Empire flippers acts more like a full-service brokerage firm, whereas flippa acts more as a market place like an eBay for websites and then offers additional services including a referral to a full service brokerage firm if you are interested. So it really depends on what you’re looking for from a sales perspective and also what you are selling.

If you are selling a small adsense, e-commerce, amazon affiliate website, or Amazon seller central account, I would suggest just going with flippa.com and listing it yourself. Just make sure to fill out the profile as detailed as possible as the profile on their website will literally act as your broker to the public. You should verify your earnings as much as possible and other details.

If you are selling a larger asset though, you will definitely want to look at empire flippers and maybe some other competitors of theirs such as websiteclosers.com and Global Wired.

Global is actually probably my go to source for selling any kind of Web asset including websites, Amazon FBA stores, and even social media accounts. They do have a minimum requirement in each category, but the cool thing about global is that they are part of a much larger M&A (mergers and acquisitions) firm, Providium Group. So these guys are big players and have a ton of experience behind them. I can personally vouch for that, as they sold one of my businesses successfully for top dollar, yielding me millions of dollars!

Feel free to ask comments questions in the comments below and let me know about your experiences with the company as mentioned above and any other companies that you have used or would like to use in the future!