Estimated net worth: $15.5 million

Known for their social media presence “Dobre Brother’s”, consisting of 4 brothers, Lucas, Marcus, Cyrus, and Darius, originally rose to fame when Lucas and Marcus began to gain recognition for their dancing on the video app Vine. The “Dobre Twins” (Lucas and Marcus) later evolved into the “Dobre Brother’s”, who are now famous for their Youtube channel, by the same name, where they post pranks, challenges and absurd videos often featuring their girlfriends and cars.

The Dobre Brother’s are also known for their love for cars which they put on display all over their Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat. They are so known for their cars in fact, that they have an entirely separate Youtube channel with over 700,000 subscribers dedicated to their cars. The cars in their garage include a Lamborghini Huracan performante, Mclaren 720s, Ferrari 488 Pista, Porsche 911 GT2RS, Ferrari 812 Superfast (Mansory Stallone Edition), and several more, all worth more than $1 million total.

We estimate the Dobre Brothers to be worth approximately $15.5 million, with a majority of their combined net worth coming from Lucas and Marcus. This is based on their massive income stream from their various Youtube channels with their most popular being their main channel with over 9.5 million subscribers and almost 2 billion total views. It is estimated that the Dobre Brothers make over $200,000 a month from their main channel and this does not include their other channels along with any paid advertising they receive on other social media platforms. We could easily see this group of brother’s pulling in almost $4 million a year and growing. Factored in to their overall net worth is also the almost $1.5 million they own in cars. On top of this, the brothers have also produced their own music singles which also feature music videos, making it likely that they are earning money from streams.