Estimated net worth: $650,000

Daisy Keech was born August 12, 1999, and is best known for her social media presence and for being a member of the shared celebrity mansion known as “The Clubhouse”, housing other celebrity members like Kinsey Wolanski, and Abby Rao. Daisy began her journey to social media fame by posting work-out videos on Youtube and Instagram and selling her own workout plans. Daisy started the workout program “Keech Peach” and she became famous for being the first Instagram “certified booty” where she had a doctor certified that he rear-end was in fact natural.

Daisy has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram along with 1.2 million subscribers on her Youtube channel where she posts tips, vlogs, and workouts. She has also amassed quite a following on TikTok with over 125 million likes and 5.7 million fans, so it is safe to say that she is a modern day influencer. She is currently dating model and former contestant on Survivor, Michael Yerger.

Daisy Keech is worth an estimated $650,000 and has accumulated most of her wealth through brand deals and selling her personal workouts. Daisy also makes an estimated $5000-10,000 on sponsored Instagram posts where she has deals with brands like Lounge underwear and FashionNova. She also makes some of her income through Youtube, where she earns close to $4000 a month.