1. Biography

I can hear Smokey now, “Yo Chris Tucker man, where yo money at? Did Deebo get you?” åÊChristopher Tucker born August 31, 1972 and grew up in Decatur Georgia near Atlanta. åÊThe actor is the son of Mary Louise and Norris. åÊTucker’s father owned a janitorial service. åÊThe actor comedian moved to L.A right after he graduated high school at Columbia High School in Decatur. åÊHe is good friends withåÊRush Hour co-star Jackie Chan and president åÊBill Clinton åÊTucker was also good friends with the late Michael Jackson. åÊThe actor has even travelled overseas with Bill Clinton. åÊAlso Tucker was part of a 2006 PBS documentary tracing the genetic DNA heritage of Afrian Americans. åÊTucker was found to have African, European, and Native American ancestry in his genetic make-up.

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