Are you looking for a cheap mattress and you live in the Durham North Carolina area? I have good news for you! So was I about two weeks ago and I’ve done all the homework for you.

There are about 10 to 15 legitimate mattress stores in Durham. About half of the stores our big chains like mattress firm. The rest of our local brands that you probably have never heard of, but they probably carry the mattress brands you are looking to purchase.

I called or visited just about every single one of the stores. I was searching for a king size mattress, preferably with a memory foam topper and preferably one of the big brands like Tempur-pedic, just sealy, or similar. But, I was totally open to an offbrand mattress if the features in warranty were comparable to the bigger brands.

So I can go into all the details for each store and maybe eventually I will have to update this article to include those details just in case it would help anyone, but I will tell you that I ended up buying a super nice mattress that was a black label and directly comparable to a Sealy black label mattress. I saved about $1500 and was able to support a local family mattress store called Durham wholesale mattress & furniture which is located just off of Guess Road in Durham.

I highly suggest visiting the store or at least giving them a quick call to see what they have available. They carry all of the biggest brands and everything, but they also have offbrand mattresses which are sometimes made in the exact same factory using the same materials as the background mattresses yet they don’t have the bag brand label and the pricing that comes along with it.

I’m totally OK with saving over $1000 and not having a brand on my mattress that will just be covered up by a sheet anyways. At the end of the day if you’re mattresses is super comfortable, which mine is, and it has a great warranty, which mine does, then why wouldn’t I choose that option?

Anyways, I figured I’d share all of my thoughts and the research that I conducted and the final place I ended up purchasing from locally in Durham. I truly helps this hose are you and your surge and save you lots of money! You should also feel good that you’re supporting a local business owned by a young family!