3. Estimated Net Worth

Garfield was paid $500,000 for his part inåÊThe Amazing Spider-Man, which is typical cover charge actors pay to be in multi-part mega budget franchises. åÊFor his role in inåÊAmazing Spider-Man 2 and 3 the paydays are likely in the 7 figure range however those numbers are not disclosed anywhere that NetWorthEnvy writers can see. åÊThe Peter Parker actor has stated that he hopes he never “blows up” further stating he hopes that he has to audition for every part he ever gets claiming that fighting and struggling is what makes a person develop. åÊDespite the quest for struggle, he has been sporting around LA in an Audi A7 and Porsche Panamera – a 4 door with 430 hp. åÊThe actor also says he wants to write a book about girlfriend Emma Stone citing that she is “full of genius” and “like a shot sunshine” to everyone she meets in an ABC interview. åÊDespite not wanting to ever blow up,åÊThe Amazing Spider-ManåÊdid $132 million in its opening weekend, and the actor is said to have a net worth around between $1 and $3 million dollars. åÊA number that is sure to climb due to huge 7 and likely 8 figure pay outs for Spider-Man sequels.

How much is Andrew Garfield’s Net Worth? $3 Million!