Estimated net wort: $475,000

Abby Rao was born July 20, 1997, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before Abby became famous, she was a cosmetologist in Louisiana, however soon after she began posting modeling shots to her Instagram page she moved to LA to pursue a career in modeling. Abby currently has over 2 million followers on her Instagram page and TikTok and has become quite famous in the social media world. She also was put in the spotlight when she began dating famous YouTube and gamer known as “RiceGum”, however, the couple later split in November of 2019.

Abby is one of the co-founders of the celebrity collab house known as the “Clubhouse”, along with her best friend Daisy Keech and other notable social media celebrities. What many may not know about Abby Rao is that she was an actress in movies and advertisements at a very young age but chose not to pursue that career.

We estimate Abby Rao’s net worth to be approximately $475,000. Most of her net worth is based on her income as an Instagram model, as a brand ambassador for companies such as Fashion Nova and Knock Out Watches. Abby also used to work as a cosmetologist in Louisiana, where she made roughly $35,000 per year in salary. Even with such a young career in modeling Abby is destined for success, with her catapult into celebrity status and the star-studded company she keeps.