1. It Could Theoretically Drive Upside Down

As beautiful as it is, the exterior of the LaFerrari isn’t all about style. The car was meticulously designed by engineers using a wind tunnel to achieve the perfect balance of aerodynamics and downforce. Aerodynamic efficiency helps increase acceleration and top speed, while downforce helps keep the the car planted to the asphalt when cornering at high speeds. To achieve the best of both worlds, the LaFerrari uses active aerodynamic systems including electronic spoilers and diffusers that automatically extend or retract depending on what speed the car is traveling at.

When accelerating toward its top speed of 220 mph, the LaFerrari will retract its wings and diffusers to become as aerodynamic as possible. However, if you kept all of the wings and diffusers extended while driving well past 200 mph, the LaFerrari would generate so much downforce that it could theoretically drive upside down, sticking itself to the roof of a tunnel like something out of a Batman movie.

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