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Erika Jayne Girardi’s Net Worth

Estimated Net Worth: $76 Million

Estimated Salary: $1 Million

We estimate that Erika Jayne Girardi has a current net worth of $76 Million based on her estimated salary of $1 million per year in addition to her earnings as a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and shared wealth with husband, lawyer Tom Girardi.

Fun Facts About Erika:

1. Her Husband is 32 Years Older Than Her

Erika met her husband, Thomas Girardi, when she was waiting tables in Los Angeles. She was only 28 when they married. Thomas Girardi is a famous lawyer and one of the richest in California. His claim to law fame was when he worked on a malpractice case that went on to inspire the Julia Roberts film, Erin Brockovich. The lawyer and his firm won over $333 million for the people living in the town that were exposed to harmful chemicals coming from a nearby factory. The couple has been happily married for over 18 years. She has no children with him, but has a son from a previous marriage. 

2. She Loves Fishing

The reality star may pose in front of the cameras with high heels and high fashions, but she is really an outdoorsy tom boy at heart. In an interview with She Knows, Erika talked about her love of fishing. When she isn’t getting her nails done or creating some drama on the popular Real Houeswives of Beverly Hills, the star can be found getting dirty in the waters. There are multiple pictures on her instagram of her showing off her catches of the day. Erika has also admitted that she is a huge sports fan and loves to attend outdoor game events. 

3. She Flies in a $35 Million Private Jet

Erika isn’t shy about her riches. The star knows how to live large and flaunts it at every moment. Her Gulfstream IV jet was a gift from her husband. At a hefty price of $35 million, Erika says it was worth every penny. She has been flying in the jet for many years now and frequently takes it around the world to places like Japan and Greece. It is equipped with 12 seats, a buffet of gourmet foods, and a full bar. In an interview with Bravo, Erika gave a tour of the jet and called it “the ultimate way to fly.”

Aspyn Ovard Net Worth & Biography

Biographical Information:

Aspyn Ovard is best known as a celebrity who was born in Utah on Monday` April 15` 1996. Aspyn is currently 21 years old. Ovard’s birth sign is Aries.

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Aspyn Ovard is 1 of just a few people on AlphaLife with the first name Aspyn and is also a member of people who are 21 years old` celebs who are known for being famous figures with the birth sign of Aries!

Name: Aspyn Ovard
Known As:
Birth Date: Monday` April 15` 1996
Birthplace: Utah
Death Date and Age:
Current Age: 21 years old
Birthsign: Aries
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David Koch Dead at 79: How much was his Net Worth?

As you may have just heard, David Koch has died at the age of 79 years old. David and his brother Charles, both multi-billionaire industrialists, have donated billions of dollars to conservative politics over the years which leaves some questions.

What is David Koch’s current net worth in 2019?

According to several online sources such as Google, Wikipedia, and Forbes, David Koch’s current net worth as of today (August 23, 2019) is estimated to be $42.4 Billion! Whoa!

Did he have a will and who will get all of his money?

This one is a little more difficult to answer. Koch has several surviving family members who he was likely to designate as beneficiaries in his will.

Ann Sothern Net Worth & Biography

Biographical Information:

Ann Sothern is best known as a celebrity who was born in Under Review on Thursday` March 23` 1905. Ann is currently Under Review. Sothern’s birth sign is Under Review.

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Ann Sothern is 1 of just a few people on AlphaLife with the first name Ann and is also a member of people who are Under Review` celebs who are known for being famous figures with the birth sign of Under Review!

Name: Ann Sothern
Known As:
Birth Date: Thursday` March 23` 1905
Birthplace: Under Review
Death Date and Age: 2001
Current Age: Under Review
Birthsign: Under Review
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Isaiah Simmons’ Net Worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Current estimated net worth: $5.5 million

Isaiah Simmons is an NFL linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals and is best known for being a versatile player on the championship winning college team, Clemson Tigers. Simmons was born on July 26, 1998, in Omaha, Nebraska. He was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2020 NFL Draft as the eigth overall pick. Simmons was drafted first round after winning the 2019 ACC defensive player of the year award, as well at the 2019 Butkus award.

Isaiah Simmons graduated with a degree in sports communication and finished his career at Clemson recording more than 250 tackles. In addition, Simmons had 10.5 sacks, four interception (one of which was returned for a touchdown) and five total forced fumbles. Before playing football, Simmons was a former track star in high school becoming a state champion in the long jump


We estimate Isaiah Simmons net worth to be approximately $5.5 million. Simmons has accumulated most of his wealth after signing a contract with the Arizona Cardinals said to be worth a total of $20 million over 4 years. The deal includes a signing bonus just under $12.5 million for the rookie. Furthermore, since first-round picks get fully guaranteed contract, Simmons’ $20 million will also be guaranteed money. Simmons will also be receiving sponsorships before he steps on the field, so far he has publicly partnered with NoSweat Co.

Jo “Joesthetics” Lindner’s Net worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Current estimated net worth: $550,000

Jo Lindner, also known as Joesthetics, is an upcoming fitness star from Germany. He is currently 25 years old and is best known for his unbelievable physique and his training techniques which he shares on his Instagram account of over 2.5 million followers. Jo has now grown his social media presence into a business where he shares advice on training, nutrition, and supplementation. He currently lives in Thailand where he regularly posts on Instagram and Youtube and is known for frequently using the word “Bro”.

Jo became famous for posting a viral video of him flexing his chest muscles which he called “alien gains”, named after the odd way in which the muscle was spasming. He has also had a lot of controversy surrounding the use of steroids which he claims he used early on in his transformation, but is currently “totally natural”.


Jo Lindner has an estimated net worth of approximately $550,000. This is based on his social media fame which has allowed for him to share his knowledge and coach others on fitness, nutrition and supplementation. Jo has also earned his money through his Youtube channel with over 80,000 subscribers, as well as through brand promotion with fitness companies like Vanquish Fitness, Primeval Labs, and Father Sons clothing.

Abby Rao’s Net Worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Estimated net wort: $475,000

Abby Rao was born July 20, 1997, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Before Abby became famous, she was a cosmetologist in Louisiana, however soon after she began posting modeling shots to her Instagram page she moved to LA to pursue a career in modeling. Abby currently has over 2 million followers on her Instagram page and TikTok and has become quite famous in the social media world. She also was put in the spotlight when she began dating famous YouTube and gamer known as “RiceGum”, however, the couple later split in November of 2019.

Abby is one of the co-founders of the celebrity collab house known as the “Clubhouse”, along with her best friend Daisy Keech and other notable social media celebrities. What many may not know about Abby Rao is that she was an actress in movies and advertisements at a very young age but chose not to pursue that career.

We estimate Abby Rao’s net worth to be approximately $475,000. Most of her net worth is based on her income as an Instagram model, as a brand ambassador for companies such as Fashion Nova and Knock Out Watches. Abby also used to work as a cosmetologist in Louisiana, where she made roughly $35,000 per year in salary. Even with such a young career in modeling Abby is destined for success, with her catapult into celebrity status and the star-studded company she keeps.

Erling Haaland’s Net Worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Current estimated net worth: $8.5 million

Erling Haaland is a profesional soccer (football) player for Norway who plays as a striker for the German Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund. At just 19 years of age, Erling is known as one of the future stars in the sport marked by his speed and goalscoring ability. Erling is the son of former Premier League soccer player, Alf-Inge Haaland, and was born in Leeds, England. Although Erling would be eligible to play for the English national team, he chose to play for the Norwegian national team instead.

Haaland became the first teenager to score in five consecutive UEFA Champions League matches and also one the Golden Boot for scoring the most goals in the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup.

We estimate Erling Haaland’s net worth to be approximately $8.5 million. The 19 year old has made his fortune from his prolific talent in soccer where he is known as a top 3 young talent in the sport. Erling was sold to his current club of Borussia Dortmund for $22.5 million and has a current salary of $6.8 million which could increase to almost $8 million in his final two years of the contract. With all of his potential, Haaland is said to have a market value of more than $70 million. On top of his annual salary, Erling also has a sponsorship deal with Nike which is undisclosed.

Viktor Hovland’s Net worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Estimated net worth: $4.5 million

Viktor Hovland is a Norwegian professional golfer born on September 18, 1997, near Oslo, Norway. Hovland is best known for playing college golf at Oklahoma State University and winning the 2018 U.S. Amateur which secured him invitation into 2019 Masters tournament as well as the 2019 British Open and U.S. Open. Hovland really gained recognition when he finished 32nd in the 2019 Masters and 12th place in the 2019 U.S. Open which he received the low amateur award for in both tournaments. Following the U.S. open, Viktor Hovland turned professional and competed in the 2019 Travelers Championships as his first event.

Since earning his PGA Tour card, Hovland claimed his first professional tour victory at the 2020 Puerto Rico Open and he currently sits in the top 60 in the Official World Gold Rankings. Hovland is also the first and only Norwegian golfer to win on the PGA Tour.

Viktor Hovland is worth an estimated $4.5 million based on his earnings as a professional golfer on the PGA Tour as well as his brand deals and sponsorships. As June, 2020, Hovland has earned $1.9 million dollars since turning professional in 2019, and he has earned almost $950,000 at the start of 2020 alone. On top of this, Hovland signed multi-year sponsorship deals with Audemars Piguet, Ping, and an exclusive deal with Swedish clothing brand “J. Lindeberg”. These sponsorship deals are said to be worth millions, quite impressive for a young man just coming out of college.

Greg Doucette’s Net Worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Estimated net worth: $650,000

Greg Doucette is best known for being a bodybuilder, powerlifter, and YouTube from Nova Scotia, Canada. He is currently 40-years-old and living in Ontario, Canada. Greg has been a bodybuilder since he was 17, where he won in his first ever contest, and also became very successful in powerlifting. He set the world record for heaviest sumo deadlift in one minute with a lift of 9,130 Kg (20,128 lbs) as well as the national record in bench press lifting 342 lbs at a weight of just 148 lbs himself. Greg has since moved on to coaching in person and online on fitness, nutrition, bodybuilding and powerlifting and has used Youtube as a platform to educate and express himself.

Greg Doucette’s Youtube channel, where he goes by the name “coach Greg”, has quickly in the last year after posting some very controversial and informational videos about other influences in the fitness industry being natural or “natty”. On his channel, Doucette gives his opinion and knowledge on diet and lifting as well as critiquing other fitness Youtuber’s on their content and physique. In 2012, Greg was arrested for smuggling illegal steroids shortly after winning the heavyweight division at the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championship. Officials found $250,000 worth of PED’s as well as $23,000 in cash and evidence intent to distribute and Doucette was fined $50,000.

We estimate Greg Doucette’s net worth to be approximately $650,000. Greg has made most of his fortune as an online fitness and bodybuilding coach where he charges upwards of $4,000 for coaching packages for diet, training and supplementation. On top of this, Greg Doucette also makes his income through his Youtube channel of more than 500,000 subscribers and through Ebooks and merchandise which he promotes through his channel. From all of his various income streams, Greg makes approximately $250,000 annually.

Dylan Minette’s Net Worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Estimated net worth: $4.5 million

Dylan Minette was born in Evansville, Indiana on December 29, 1996, and is best known for playing the role of “Clay Jensen” in Netflix’s controversial teen drama 13 Reasons Why. On top of this, Minette has also had supporting roles in several hit series’ such as Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, and Prison Break. Dylan Minette has also featured in several horror movies like Let Me in, Don’t Breathe, The Open House. Interestingly enough, he is also known for being a member of alternative rock band Wallows where plays guitar and sings.

Dylan is the son of Robyn and Craig Minette and began acting at the age of 7. Dylan later chose to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career in acting, and it is safe to say that it paid off after landing some major roles.

Dylan Minette’s is estimated to be worth approximately $4.5 million. Dylan has made most of his net worth through his successful acting career starring in several movies and a plethora of TV shows and a large amount of his earning have been from his role in 13 Reasons Why. Dylan supposedly made around $80,000 per episode of the show until he was bumped up to $200,000 per episode following “Hannah Baker’s” exit. He also makes a considerable amount of his income through his band Wallows who have quite a fan base and currently over 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Daisy Keech’s Net Worth, Salary, Earnings & Biography 2020

Estimated net worth: $650,000

Daisy Keech was born August 12, 1999, and is best known for her social media presence and for being a member of the shared celebrity mansion known as “The Clubhouse”, housing other celebrity members like Kinsey Wolanski, and Abby Rao. Daisy began her journey to social media fame by posting work-out videos on Youtube and Instagram and selling her own workout plans. Daisy started the workout program “Keech Peach” and she became famous for being the first Instagram “certified booty” where she had a doctor certified that he rear-end was in fact natural.

Daisy has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram along with 1.2 million subscribers on her Youtube channel where she posts tips, vlogs, and workouts. She has also amassed quite a following on TikTok with over 125 million likes and 5.7 million fans, so it is safe to say that she is a modern day influencer. She is currently dating model and former contestant on Survivor, Michael Yerger.

Daisy Keech is worth an estimated $650,000 and has accumulated most of her wealth through brand deals and selling her personal workouts. Daisy also makes an estimated $5000-10,000 on sponsored Instagram posts where she has deals with brands like Lounge underwear and FashionNova. She also makes some of her income through Youtube, where she earns close to $4000 a month.

Noah Centineo’s Net Worth, Salary, Earning & Biography 2020

Estimated net worth: $3.8 million

Noah Centineo is an American actor and model born on May 9, 1996, in Miami Florida. Noah is best known for his acting roles in the TV series The Fosters, the film The Perfect Date and the Netflix romantic comedy To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before along with its sequel Sierra Burgess is a Loser. As far as personal life goes, Noah has a sister and they grew up in Boynton Beach, Florida. He also attended the Middle School of Arts and played soccer in High School. Noah Centineo is also known for modeling for brands like Calvin Klein and dating American model and Instagrammer Alexis Ren.

Noah started his career appearing in several Disney shows and movies before moving on to bigger roles, and his career really took off when he took the role of heartthrob “Peter” in To All the Boys I’ve loved Before. Interestingly enough, Noah also featured in the music video for “Havana” by Camila Cabello, featuring Young Thug.

We estimate Noah Centineo’s current net worth to be approximately $3.8 million. His net worth is largely based on his acting career where he has starred in several successful Disney shows and Netflix films. At the age of just 23, Noah has a long way to go in his career but is already making $1.3 million annually (2019). He has also earned his money through his large social media following with over 19 million followers on Instagram he makes endorsements for posts featuring brands like Calvin Klein. It is estimated that he makes approximately $50,000-70,000 per sponsored post on Instagram, no wonder Noah is a millionaire at 23 years of age.

Joe Burrow’s Net Worth, Contract, Earnings, and Biography 2020

Estimated net worth: $12 million (Pending)

Joe Burrow is an NFL quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals born on December 10, 1996, and previously known for being the quarterback for the Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers, who won the National Football Championship tournament in 2019. Joe Burrow is 6’4″ tall, weighs 210 pounds, and won the Heisman Trophy in 2019, the highest honor that can be awarded to a college football player. The 2019 championship winning LSU team led by Joe Burrow, was arguably one of the best teams in college football history, and Burrow set an NCAA record that year for most touchdown passes thrown in a single season (60).

This then led to Joe Burrow being drafted into the NFL as the first overall pick, going to the Cincinnati Bengals. Joe is the son of Jim Burrow who also played in college and then went to play in both the CFL and NFL, before moving on to coaching, which he did for nearly 40 years.

We estimate Joe Burrow’s current net worth to be approximately $12 million dollars (pending). He is currently waiting to sign his rookie contract with the Bengals, but is choosing to wait because of COVID-19. The contract he will be signing is rumored to be a 2$37 million deal over four years with almost $24 million of it guaranteed at signing. That would equal to approximately $9.25 million annually, not to mention the millions of dollars he has lined up in sponsorships. Once his massive rookie contract is signed, he will be worth an estimated $12 million and growing substantially each year.