So the answer to this question totally depends on a few variables. One, what does the wind look like? If you have a bunch of wind then you’re going o be flying way below the stated top speeds one way and probably breaking records going the other way (down wind). The top speed of the Inspire 2 will also totally depend on the flight more you are using.

So DJI says the top speed is 67 MPH. Well, from my experience, with no wind I’m sure that is the top speed in “Sport” or “Speed” mode, but even just a little bot of wind, I’m very confident you can get it up into the 70+ MPH range. My guess would be a true max of around 75 MPH. But, here’s the most important question: why the heck would you want to fly a drone at the top speed of 75 MPH. My answer is simple: It’s freaking awesome!! haha.

Check out this video of the Inspire 2 if you haven’t already: