1. Parents Went From Millionaires To Broke

Although Scott was born into an extremely wealthy family, he never received a single cent of his parent’s inherited fortune. His parents, Jeffrey and Bonnie Disick, received the money from Scott’s paternal grandfather David Disick. David was a well-known attorney and businessman who made his fortune as a fractional real-estate developer. He developed luxury properties all over the world and wrote several books. Scott was born in 1983 and lived a pampered lifestyle. He enjoyed the finer things in life until his parents squandered their fortune away by the time Scott was a teenager.

After a series of financial problems, Jeff and Bonnie owed more than $391,000 in liens and judgments filed by numerous people including the federal government. The NY Daily News reported that Jeff was arrested in December 2001 for stealing $3,000 from a bank in North Fork, New York. He was charged with petty larceny. He was ordered to pay $6,500 in restitution and sentenced to community service.