Holy moly! DJI served a double whammy today with the introduction of the Inspire 2 AND the all-new Phantom 4 Pro Drones! Didn’t someone named GoPro try to launch a new drone recently… oh yeah and DJI completely knocked them off their rocker by launching three new AMAZING drones almost simultaneously that are all WAY WAY WAY better than the Karma in just about every way, I’m talking about the Mavic Pro, the Inspire 2, and this new one, the Phantom 4 Pro.

So this is just an initial review and first look so I will detail all of the features and do a much more extensive overview one I have time to do some test flights and examination, but here are a few new or improved features that I think are notable. The Phantom 4 Pro has a new flight time of 30 minutes, it can go 10mph faster than the original Phantom 4, a new super bright built in display is optional, there are now two rear facing sensors along with two side facing infrared sensors for obstacle avoidance, the new camera sensor size is now 1″, and you can now shoot 4K at 60FPS! Wowza! These are all HUGE improvements and I feel like I just bought my Phantom 4! It’s amazing how DJI continues to stay on top of their industry and way out in front of the competition. They are truly in a league of their own in my opinion with these two new releases, especially when you add in the Mavic which I personally think could be improved, but is definitely super compact and portable!

So, check out the videos below if you haven’t already and let me know what you think in the comments!