Parlewe is a new clothing line that was started by a friend of a friend of mine. I first bumped into the brand on Instagram a few weeks ago. One of my friends had mentioned that he was helping with a cool new project and I noticed that he and most of our mutual friends had followed Parlewe on Instagram so I figured I had stumbled upon the project he mentioned in passing. 

So after checking out the brand and speaking to my friend about the project a little, I really have a great feeling about Parlewe as brand and what it stands for regarding the whole “You Do You” #youdoyou tagline and hashtag. The logo (a hippo) is cool and they’ve already had some pretty solid traction with celebrities and heavy hitting influencers!

Honestly, I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to new brands and companies, especially ones in the high-end clothing space. So many people think you just throw a logo on a polo, give a few away, do some posting on Facebook and Instagram, and you’ve got yourself the next Vineyard Vines. Ha, not so fast! It is EXTREMELY difficult to start such a brand. I will say that from my perspective, Parlewe is doing all the right things in these beginning stages and I truly say I can instinctively swing the brand take off. I truly hope it does. It would mean a lot for my friend and would be so cool to see a brand start from nothing and virally blast off!