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Rough Transcript:åÊIs a one question a lot of people have when it comes YouTube is how much you make on YouTube at what number of subscribers do you start making money how do you make money how many views you have to get to make money and there’s always misconceptions and just like misunderstandings of how you actually start to make money on YouTube and then how much money you actually do make on YouTube so for the most part you can start making money on YouTube immediately there’s like content guidelines you to follow so monetization is to be available in your country you can have like a bunch of like songs from iTunes in the background playing that other artists you have said you can’t use theirs like rules in terms of your content you can enable monetization on your channel meaning you can make it to where you can make money immediately so I just Google just to make sure that I know rules of changed and over there there is on the guidelines in terms of like how to enable monetization if you just literally Google how to enable monetization or how to turn on ads on my YouTube channel anything like that and just follow the links in Google and it’ll show you how to enable it now you have to sign up for an absence account which makes it three of to plug in your so security number or your tax ID is your business but don’t let any of that attempt to intimidate you, I just told my like I think he’s a 14-year-old neighbor how to do it on his YouTube channel the other day and he was able to do it no problem I think he may have gotten his mom to sign up for him but on second and I think you might have done it himself to so anyways you can do it you can sign up as longer eligible, and there’s really not that many rules to make you ineligible so one of my favorite websites to check out YouTube metrics and you can also check out I can ceramic your thing is sure social blade.com right and like this is out for life right here so give you like real-time stats and show you how many subscribers are getting it always collect updates when you first get there Museum and she can really see here and basically what it does is kind of give you a pretty pretty much a basic rundown of different YouTube channel so we could actually search KC nice and there he is there something to select them and then, if you scroll down it’s to show you like how many subscribers he God each of these days on average like how many he gets per day on average and in my company views so like he’s getting almost 3 million views per day and almost 10,000 subscribers per day insane and honestly he deserves every bit of it is videos are phenomenal and he’s probably probably my favorite YouTube or their person on YouTube so you can also click up here to the live subscriber count and looks little different than might generate but if we go back here in KC nice that’s kind of like a hard topic to really like to discuss this about because our heart subject I should say because he’s a moving target like the guys popularity is just going crazy right now and it’s going up and up and up so it’s not like this is to be an accurate analysis two or three days from now but let’s just do it for now like to hear there’s the chart right, shows what’s really going on KC nice to not just these averages blesses take on you you can also you know another simple on a simple analysis or metric you can use this for every million views is a video gets the person’s probably making about 1500 bucks but maybe one to $2000 on average somewhere in there and then you know anywhere upwards of $5000 or maybe more okay and I I probably would venture to say that Casey Neistat is getting way up that high-end if not more because there’s so many people wanting advertisers channel and the competition drives up the price anyways on a worst-case scenario I would say he’s if he’s getting 3 million views for days probably from ad revenue alone making about $3000 per day but more likely than not he’s probably making more like I don’t know five to $10,000 per day it seems insane but that’s probably what is making just from ad revenue alone and really if you took the highest and I maybe even beyond it could be as high as $15,000 per day so the guys making like millions of dollars per year and ad revenue alone but there’s one thing you should note there is that this is just a small piece of the pie from my experience now some you tubers focus on off-site or off YouTube stuff more than others summers like care about anything YouTube that’s where my focus is to their creators and their artist they just want to focus there with another you tubers are really really good at driving you off of YouTube and and you know getting you to buy stuff for go to their website or whatever so with most of my media properties I can just speak personally here on whatever I’m making on YouTube is usually like a 10th of what I would make on a website off-site make way more money on websites that I do on YouTube but I will say that I kind of look at YouTube is a social network where you like connect to people directly and possibly drive them to your website where you make more money but you do get paid for it so it’s it’s pretty hard to make money on instant grammar Facebook or like utility base left to promote other people not your own stuff typically to make money there are words YouTube you can promote your own stuff and help people out and share information stuff but then also say hey I got a blog post click below the description, but my website will that video can make money and then they come over to your website can also make money there homages have like a more in-depth analysis on something along those lines so that’s like a really long explanation of how much money to someone make on YouTube like myself or Casey Neistat or even someone who’s first starting out on but that’s kind of the truth and you really need to do an analysis and that way now one piece of advice or probably a collection of advice I have for you guys if you want to start a YouTube channel you want to make money one I always suggest you also start a website and if you subscribe to this channel on the show you how to do this stuff to try to do as many like step-by-step guides as possible on but if all you want to do is you to reverse so be just start their it’s fine you can always start a website can always try to make more money or whatever may be but my big piece of advice is just like there’s a couple rules that I try to follow with YouTube one that whatever you talk about or film on YouTube for YouTube videos it should be like a part of your everyday life should be fluid with your life your lifestyle should be you are or it should just be something that you’re really interested in but you have access to on a daily basis Casey Neistat can fill these like crazy drone videos of New York in our right abusive order on your can travel the world is that’s his life that’s his lifestyle if you are I try to do that and that’s not necessarily our lifestyle was to be pretty tough for to spend a lot of money doing it and is trying to work out too well so like what I’m talking right now I do every day I do Internet affiliate marketing all day long and market products and so it’s really easy for me to just whip out my camera and talk in here for 10 minutes or whatever I’d hopefully not for you gazetteer so make it really fluid and then make sure you’re not just going after money okay so you need to just focus on something you actually have a really deep passion about on that’s can show or not show okay I’m not to get on a camera and talk for 10 or 15 minutes about something that I’m not interested in like I have better things to do with my life then basically that’s just a job or just doing it for money and you shouldn’t do it just for money should do because you try to help people you’re trying to talk about something you’re passionate about or whatever may be and then the last thing really is to focus and yet I can’t say how important that is this channel’s probably not even the best example of focus I have other channels that have a leg channel as part of my media all it does is leg is okay and that’s like a super focus little category and that shield is really really good because people who are interested Lego’s or to subscribe people who want to free Lego set will or is unforgivable way advertisers who can bank off of her play off of a Lego type consumer well there and advertise their self on toys or even Lego themselves so it dries up those rates and people know exactly what you talk about what you’re doing on your channel so just if you had to take two takeaways just make sure really three make sure you’re focused make sure you’re passionate and make sure that it’s something you can do every day is like look around grab something and film it and that’s probably the biggest key to getting started on YouTube is just to start just whip out your camera on your phone or whatever it may be just a recording every body who is popular on YouTube especially myself one now look back at this video like what was he doing but you know everybody Unbox Therapy or whoever may be Casey Neistat kind of kiss his worst videos better than anybody I could probably produce but yet everybody looks back in there like what what was that was my first video all about and so you get better over time you have to lose that you know I don’t want people to see me on YouTube I don’t want people to think this or that about me just get started you can actually always go back and delete it if it’s that bad it just doesn’t even matter but once you start you get the feeling of what okay I can do this you get going you focus make a party your life and the next thing you know if you enable monetization on your website Rondon YouTube then all of a sudden you’re making money sent good luck and let me know if you have any questions below I want to do lots and lots of these videos and hopes of helping you guys and I really you know how also you’re talking to a camera all day long but it really helps me if you guys subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment and say hey Rob I want to know how to do this or am having trouble with this party YouTube or my website or whatever it is and I’ll give you advice of this spit you whatever’s in my mind out to you so let me know if I was low in a swatch

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