Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

The movie and television star Jennifer Aniston came into the world on the eleventh day of the second month in the year 1969. Her middle name is Joanna. She was born to John Aniston and Nancy Dow, who raised her primarily in the state of New York. She spent quite a bit of time in the country of Greece where she also has some family roots. Jennifer, also known as Jen and Jenny, married world famous actor Brad Pitt in 2000 and divorced him in 2005. She has no children to this date. She got involved with the arts as early as age 11 and has been continuing to blossom as an actress to this day.

In 1990, Jennifer starred in her first real television role on a short-lived show by the name of Molloy. Six years later, she was cast alongside Matthew Broderick in the classic movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. After the Ferris Bueller movie, she appeared in several short-lived television shows and made an appearance in the cult classic move “Leprechaun”. Her real fame came when she was cast on the television show “Friends” in 1994, and she remained a strong character on the show until 2004.

From 2002 to the present, Jennifer has starred in a long line of successful movies. Two of her most dynamic roles have been played in the movies “Horrible Bosses”, for which she made $6,000,000 for her performance, and “The Good Girl” which was a story about a woman who grew tired of living an ordinary life. Jennifer has won several awards of achievement, including a Emmy and a Golden Globe.

Jennifer Aniston had earned over 20 million dollars as of June of 2013. Her current estimated net worth is 150 million dollars. Her net worth has risen over 40 million dollars since 2007, when she was listed as the 10th wealthiest woman in the entertainment industry. Her main source of income is from television and movies. She has recently chosen to select movie roles that allow her to express her artistic abilities and versatility the most. Jennifer will continue to gain net worth as she constantly surprises the entertainment world.

How much is Jennifer Aniston’s Net Worth? $150 Million!

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  1. Jennifer Aniston is a class act. Love the ones that keep their lives clean. I have a whole lot of respect for that.

  2. Unbelievable. She can’t even act and she makes money hand over fist. I am sorry I think she is very very overrated!

  3. Wow! She can’t act lol?! I think she is an amazing actress (funny & clean too) & honestly figured her net worth was way more than that LOL!

  4. Let me know when the soldiers that are protecting people like her, or the teachers that are educating people like her start making a fraction of what actors and actresses like these people make and then I will be wowed!

  5. Oh, depressing… nurses and teachers and other people who do serious work I feel should make more… and actors maybe just a smidge less.

  6. I like her, but I’d love to see if she can play a dramatic role instead of the fluff characters she usually plays. I’m kind of surprised she isn’t worth more based on her popularity.

  7. Not a big fan…. I was so glad Brad went with Angelina instead…. I do not know for sure…. but there has to be something wrong with her personality… when a girl that pretty & rich cannot hang onto one man for any amount of time…. I think maybe she is a bit of a ?itch….. Just guessing on that one. Whatever and who cares!!!

  8. I am not a huge Jennifer Aniston fan, though she was one of my favorite characters on Friends. I would never have guessed her net worth was $150 million. She is over paid.

    • I get so tired of this constant discussion of who is worth what amount of pay. Everybody in the world deserves the exact same amount of pay. And that amount is what somebody or entity is willing to pay for your services. This is unfortunate for the multitude of Jennifer Aniston haters, because movie studios, advertising agencies, magazine editors, television networks, etc. are all willing to pay much more for her services than for the haters. As for her net worth, don’t forget she’s been doing this for two decades. Her payscale at the end of the Friends series alone was $1,000.000 ( 1 million ) per episode, which NBC was more than glad to pay because of the advertising revenues she ( and the other cast members ) brought in. See, there’s this little thing called economics… Check into it sometime before deciding who is “overpaid”.