DJI Mavic Pro Drone Flight Time & Battery Life Range Test – Hands-On Video Review Footage + Giveaway

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Okay, so I today I planned on filming some test footage, like a test video just right here in my yard with the Mavic Pro using the 4K video just to post some unedited, un-color graded video footage from the Mavic Pro for you guys. But while I was at it, I was thinking that I could also just go ahead and do a battery test today and then post that video maybe tomorrow. And so, what I’m gonna do I’ve got the Mavic Pro battery all charged up to 100%. I’m gonna try to film that test footage using the first 25% of the battery just in regular mode, just filming the video, and then I’m gonna switch it over to sport mode for the next 25%, so to take the battery down to 50%. And then I’ll basically take those times that it took for the battery to drain in those different modes just using it, and then times ’em by four, and it should give you roughly how long it takes for the battery to run out using those two different modes. All right, guys, so it’s like 3:08 p.m., and I’m currently at 98% battery. It just sunk off a little bit while I got everything set up, so I’ll take that into account with the math and everything, but I’m gonna go ahead and take off and see how long it lasts until it gets down to 75% battery. Okay, so it’s actually 3:17 now p.m. and I am at 65%, so I needed a little bit more time to fly than just the 25% gave me, so I’ll do the math on that in a minute and let you know how that was. Now we’re just playing in regular mode, just filming some footage and stuff like that. Now I’m gonna switch it over to sport mode, just have a little bit of fun, and maybe fly it for 10 minutes or so and see how much it depletes it. And we are at 23%, and I just put the drone down. So I’m gonna go ahead and do some math on that, and then I’ll be able to tell you roughly how long the drone would’ve lasted in each of those modes just flying it. Okay, so the results are in. Basically in regular mode I spent up about 33% of the battery. It took nine minutes to do so. So if you take 100 divided by 33 and then times it by nine, that should basically forecast out roughly how long it would’ve taken to burn through 100% of the battery at that rate in regular mode while I was just flying around and filming, so that would’ve been 27 minutes. So that’s pretty much right on par with what DJI says in the 20 to 30 minute range. That’s what I’ve heard, that’s what I’ve read, so that’s pretty normal. So then in sport mode, I spent about 36% of the battery, and it took six minutes. So pretty much the same thing, 100 divided by 36, times six equals just over 16.5, so it’s like 16.67, something like that, minutes, so just over 16 1/2 minutes. I could’ve flown full-on sport mode flying around. I got it over, I think it was like 42 1/2 miles per hour, and there’s like no wind today. So I was hauling all over the place, going crazy, having a lot of fun. So 16 1/2 minutes of that is pretty impressive, in my opinion. Okay, guys, so make sure to click the links below and to subscribe to our channel. We have two different giveaways going on right now, and all you have to do is subscribe to enter. But if you click one or both of the links below, it’ll take you to my website where there is more options and more chances to win. So basically you can follow me on Instagram or whatever it may be just to better your chances for the giveaway. So please give me a thumbs up if you liked this video, and make sure to subscribe.