DJI INSPIRE 2 REVIEW: 5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW (5.2K, Top Speed, Test Footage, Battery) + A Giveaway

Hey what’s up guys okay so what just happened whereby that I have been under a rock on DJI just introduced the new Inspire 2 drone and also the Phantom 4 pro another and been rumors about the Inspire 2 for quite some time with the Phantom 4 pro completely call me by surprise both rooms are awesome and I applaud DJI for just continuing to take it to the competition and really get out ahead of the GoPro Karma or really anything else is trying to contend with DJI right now I’m in between the Mavic Pro, theĀ Inspire 2 and now the Phantom 4 pro it’s just like good luck anybody wants to compete with them I in my opinion but anyways here’s five simple things that you probably want to know about the Inspire 2 drone

1. The Camera

The first thing you should know about the Inspire 2 is that it has a better sensor now and is able to shoot at 5.2 K at 30 frames per second so that gives you the ability to shoot after 30 frames per second within crop and just a little bit you know in the shot and still be at 4K and then you can also shoot 4K at 60 frames per second so. Smoother Slo-Mo is an incredible Slo-Mo 4K which is really crazy you also have a wider range of micro 4/3 lenses available either compatible if you’re using the X5S and then one other really cool thing that is awesome is that you can now record let’s say 5.2 K 30 frames per second I always seem to the SSD card and then you can also save report 4K at 60 frames per second to the SD card and so you can basically record the same scene but in two different formats at one time which is incredible because that way you can just as certain parts hit with like a release new Slo-Mo whatever you’re going to do with that ability but that’s a really really great ability to