So it totally depends on which bundle you by, but I will reference the exact bundle that I bought and let you know what came in side the box. I purchased just the Mavic Pro itself with no extra batteries or cases included. So it looks like they have the deluxe bundle and the starter bundle now, but that was not offered exactly when I purchased the Mavic. So if you buy some sort of bundle beyond the actual drone itself, you would need to look into what’s exactly inside that bundle.

When I opened my box the drone, glass bubble around the gimbal, gimbal clip, one battery, and one set of propellers was all assembled in the folded drone. Next to it was the controller and under the controller was the charger one data cord, one cord that connects the charger to the controller, the cord that connects the charger to the wall, and two additional sets of propellers. So my drone actually came with a total number of six propellers, four of which are used immediately on the drone and two of which are replacements one being for each type of propeller as there are two different types of propellers actually on the drone.

One thing that I thought was really cool that my Mavic Pro came with from the factory is a microSD memory card preinstalled. I didn’t know that it was going to come with this and it was a very nice surprise. So literally I could take my drone out of the box in the Mavic Pro was ready to fly after a quick firmware update!