Apple iPad Pro 9.7″ Smart Keyboard Case/Cover Hands-On Review + A Giveaway! Unboxed w/ Teardown Ex

Rough Transcription:
Hey what’s up guys I just wanted to do a quick review of the Apple Pro smart keyboard that I purchased with my iPad Pro 12.9 inch so overall been really really happy with this keyboard it’s given me the ability to come to use my iPad as almost like a laptop in certain areas and at certain times there’s just one feature that I think it is lacking which I will discuss in just a minute at the end of this review so the keyboard attaches to the iPad road with these three little magnets here so there, like smart magnets and as you can see if you wind those pens of the other opposing magnets on actual iPad Pro stands right in the place of the keyboard not only serves as a keyboard itself but also if you fold it up that way you can also use it as a case so it has a kind of velvet feeling interior which goes right onto the screen to an case for your iPad Pro then of course if you want to use it in keyboard and simply flip it out there with the keyboard out and then the screen where it will click in the place on this line here then not only do you have a freestanding iPad you have a freestanding iPad keyboard so the set up of the actual keys on the keyboard is really good from my experience I like the fact that they included the most important buttons in the most accessible spots unlike some other laptops that I’ve used in the keys are very shallow which I actually like so the way down and went back to the shallow keys that are pretty firm and I feel like that leaves just little room for stuff to get into on for them to malfunction so overall I’m really happy with this keyboard and have used it a lot except in one area and it’s one feature that I really wish they would’ve incorporated and I would have happily made a few dollars extra to have in the keyboard watch this so I’m in a regular room with actual daylight pouring into the room from certain windows around me and all I did was turn on the light so you can imagine if I was in a dark room and turned on the light I would not be able to see the battle and I’m sure I haven’t really looked around there’s probably third-party accessories that light up the board and everything but I’m not really interested in those I like to have everything incorporated into one piece of technology so I wish Apple would have thought about lightning having the keyboard so that when you use the night lights up the keys and you can actually see what you’re doing is based on my personal usage I use my iPad on lot night and sometimes it’s in a pretty dark room or maybe just the TVs on and when I try to do that with this keyboard I can’t seem to keyboard recently makes it almost useless so maybe the next generation will have backlit besides that I really do like this keyboard and think it’s a great time thanks for watching my review of the iPad Pro got two different giveaways on pictures you click the video is on the also feel free to leave a comment if you